Springtime in the Garden (Photos)

Spring is here and the garden is most certainly coming alive! Unfortunately some freezing temperatures are in the forecast for later in the week here in Tennessee. Here’s a quick look at what you will find in my garden at the moment!
Purple leaf plum and forsythia
I trimmed the forsythia back after it bloomed last year into more of a small shrub. They can get very large if you let them grow. Forsythias are an easy plant to propagate if you want more of them. Just take a cutting 4-5 inches long and place it in a pot of soil and keep moist. There is no need for rooting hormone to propagate forsythias!

I planted these ‘Jonquil’ daffodils in the fall. Daffodils are such and easy bulb to grow that everyone should have a few planted! They are as deer proof as anything gets.

I have tons of cilantro growing everywhere. I let it self-sow. It’s great for attracting beneficial insects when it blooms so it is to your benefit to let a couple of them bolt. The seeds (AKA coriander) can be ground and used as a seasoning.

The hellebores are in bloom. They are another beauty that is left alone by deer and rabbits.

Our peaches and plums are beginning to bloom. The cold temperatures may create some issues for the blooms. I would much rather them wait to bloom until after the chance of freezing is over but they are as eager as everyone else is for spring.

How is spring coming along in your garden?