Annual Herb Sale presented by The Herb Society of Nashville

Every year the The Herb Society of Nashville holds an herb sale open to the public. This year the herb sale will be on April 16, 2016 at the Nashville Fairgrounds. Check out the information below from their press release for more details!2016_Herb_Society_Nashville_Plant_Sale

The Press Release:

The Herb Society of Nashville will hold its Annual Herb Sale on Saturday, April 16, 2016, from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at the Fairgrounds Nashville Sports Arena Building.

The Annual Herb Sale is open to the public and admission is free (except for a $5.00 parking fee to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds) and will feature the sale of rare varieties of annual and perennial herbs, as well as all culinary herbs.  Credit and debit cards will be accepted.

For more information, visit or contact Rhonda Galligan at or by phone 931-224-8947.

•Heirloom Vegetables
•Rare Varieties of Annual and Perennial Herbs
•Handmade Pottery Herb Markers

by Roy Overcast

Introducing: Free Seminars while you wait (8:15 to 8:45 a.m.)

Visit for More Information

Herb Sale Favorites:
•     The Compost Man
•     Shopping Assistants
•     Plant Daycare
•     Member Grown Plants

The Fairgrounds Nashville has a $5 Parking Fee

No Pets or Carts Permitted



New plans for this year!

Each person waiting in line will receive a number that will guarantee their place in line (think Southwest Airlines.)  It certainly will improve your experience if we are dealing with inclement weather!  However, the underlying reason for a numerical system is to enable our customers to attend one or more of a series of 4 free mini-seminars that will take place before the doors open for the sale at 9AM.  These seminars will begin at 8:15 AM and last approximately 15 minutes.  Then we will repeat the seminars once again at 8:30.  That will enable people who would like to attend two different topics to do so.  This will also allow people enough time to get back in line at their original position before the doors open.

Customers will be required to have a number to enter the sale and be back in line before the doors open at 9AM.

The (4) seminars offered:

  • Landscaping with Herbs can be both beautiful and useful.
  • Preserving Herbs-techniques to ensure a supply of herbs all year.
  • Companion Planting-how matching plants will enhance the outcome.
  • Unheralded Herbs you need to know about.

Plant Day Care!  We offer a place to safely place your plants while you shop for more.

Convenient Check Out Options!  Check out using Cash, Check or Credit or Debit Card.

Additional help checking out!  Boy Scouts will be on hand to help you check out but don’t forget to show your appreciation by offering them a tip!

Visit our Information Station!  Want to learn more about the Herb Society of Nashville?  Want to give us feedback or suggestions on our sale?  Visit our information Station where you will be able to sign up for our email notifications, gain access to our website or for more information about membership and public events such as Herb Day on October 1, 2016.