Fiskars Hatchet and Billhook Review

It isn’t often I have a product to test in my garden where I actually say “Holy crap, this is awesome!” when no one else is around. Really. Products that good are really hard to come by because I’m fairly picky. A few weeks ago I was sent two items from Fiskars to try out. For disclaimer purposes I was not paid to try these tools out but was sent the tools to keep and use. The two tools Fiskars sent me were the Hatchet and the Billhook.

Fiskars Billhook 6-2016-001Fiskars Hatchet 6-2016-001








Fiskars Hatchet 6-2016-005I was pretty excited to try out the hatchet. After all it’s an ax and what isn’t cool about that? I went around the garden eliminating weedy saplings at the root crown everywhere. It easily took out hackberry, Bradford pear seedlings, tulip poplar seedlings, and anything else I ran across. I tried it out on a couple larger branches and it seemed to do a good job of slicing into the smaller trunks. It’s sturdy, lightweight, and sharp. The Fiskars Hachet is certainly something that could be useful in any gardener’s arsenal.

Fiskars Hatchet 6-2016-004

Fiskars Hatchet 6-2016-003
Beneath the main blade of the hatchet is a hook which can be used for weeding saplings or perennials.


Fiskars Billhook 6-2016-005While I liked the Hatchet, I loved the Billhook! It took me a little time to figure out how to best use it. By grasping the top of a clump of grass I could pull backwards on the Billhook and slice through a clump of grass. The backside of the Billhook has a serrated saw tooth edge which can take out tougher clumps of grass with a sawing motion or small branches. I also used it on other saplings that had sprung up (we get a lot of them!) by holding the trunk of the sapling and pulling the billhook towards me. It sliced right through.

Fiskars Billhook 6-2016-004

That wasn’t the best part though. The best part was when I brought it into my vegetable garden where Bermuda grass was beginning to take over. I scratched through the Bermuda grass with the hook of the billhook and pulled up large strings of rhizomes! That was my “holy crap” moment! Finally there was a tool that could make headway against the invasive Bermuda grass!

It was an exciting moment for me. I’m sure if you have ever dealt with Bermuda grass you probably can empathize. Both Fiskars tools have sheathes to cover the blades with that attach to your belt so you really could arm yourself against all potential invasives!

In the late winter or early spring when I cut back the ornamental grasses I’ll be bringing the billhook along. I highly recommend the Fiskars Billhook for your garden and lately I’ve been bringing it out with me every time I go weeding in the garden.