Gilmour Watering Products

I want to take a moment to tell you about some other products that were sent to me recently for my garden.I fully intended to run these products through the garden wringer but the funny thing about this season is that I haven’t watered the garden since early JUNE! We’ve had regular rainfall coming through and so I haven’t needed to use these Gilmour Products yet, but I’m pretty exited to try them and wanted to tell you about them. Gilmour sent me a spray nozzle, their Flexogen® Hose, and three hose attachments to try.

GilmoreFlexogenHose.jpgThe Gilmour Flexogen® hose they sent me is a 50ft garden hose that is kink resistant. I know that one of the most annoying things about watering plants is when you stretch out the hose then have it kink all the way at the other end of the hose and have to walk back to fix it. Then you move somewhere else and it happens again. While that is the most important factor to me it is also rated for all weather use and is made from recycled materials. Since our weather here in Tennessee is mild in the winter it isn’t unusual to need a hose periodically and having an all weather hose could be useful.

I’m guilty of gardening on the cheap. I look for the deals at the store and early this spring I bought three hose nozzles for $1.25 each. They will last about one season, if that! The last Gilmour hose nozzle I had made it through at least three years of heavy use (and abuse)! The spray nozzle has several different spray settings so you can do lots of different tasks from watering the garden, to misting, or even to jet the concrete floor where you split that potting soil. The Gilmour nozzle has a thumb control that looks like an interesting feature!


I really like these Gilmour Quick Connectors! These are some of the greatest inventions for the garden. You can quickly change hoses and move them around from place to place without having to completely unscrew the hose from the faucet. You simply put a male connector on the female end of the hose and attach the rest of the quick connect set to the faucet. Then to attach the hose to the faucet you simply stick it into the connector. To remove it you lift up the female side of the connector and it pops off. I do recommend you turn off the spigot while doing this otherwise you have have a surprise shower. I’ve used these for years in my garden and they really make watering the garden a much easier task!

wp-1470258025596.jpgI’m looking forward to trying the hose and the spray nozzle from Gilmour out. Gilmour has been making garden products that I have used for many years and I can’t wait to see how the hose and sprayer perform. I’ll be sure to update you soon!

Update! I did not use these in the garden (so much rain I haven’t needed to water the garden still) but I did use the hose and nozzle to wash my cars. The hose never kinked up once! It was awesome. The nozzle was easy to use too!