Testing the Troy-Bilt TB490 XP™ 4×4 Pushmower

Disclaimer: The following post is a sponsored review of the Troy-Bilt TB490 XP ™ 4x4 Self-Propelled mower. All opinions are solely the opinion of the author who in exchange for goods and compensation was asked to do this review. In my last post I told you a little bit about my trip to Savannah, Georgia with the Troy-Bilt Brand Ambassadors. Today I get to tell you about one of the products they have sent me to test and talk about, the Troy-Bilt TB490 XP ™ Pushmower!  The the Troy-Bilt TB490 XP ™ is a the new 4x4 Troy-Bilt pushmower which offers all wheel drive when needed in the yard. It's a really cool feature if you have a lawn that happens to be a little difficult to mow due to the terrain. The Testing Ground First here's a little background about where I tested the mower. My backyard is around…

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