Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardeners 2017

The holiday season is in full swing and the good news is that gardeners are very easy to shop for! Whether your gardener likes gardening with vegetables, herbs, or ornamental plants there is something for everyone. Today here are some Christmas gift ideas for gardeners to help you find just the right thing! (Disclaimer: The links in this post are affiliate links that help support this website. Thank you for reading!)

Gift Ideas For Vegetable and Herb Gardeners

Raised Beds

Gardening in raised beds is an awesome way to grow your vegetables and herbs. Raised beds have a number of advantages. Raised beds are simple to build but if you don’t have the time or the materials you can find some options for purchase available.


Elevated Raised Beds

Elevated raised beds are great for those with space or mobility issues. They bring the garden to a more accessible height. (Amazon Aff. Links)

Gardening Gifts for All Gardeners


Gardeners are always excited by seeds! Consider getting them a collection of their favorite plants to grow. Think about what they like to grow, order the seeds, then put them in a nice basket with some garden tools and you can create the perfect garden gift!

Hand Tools

You never know when you’ll need a new garden trowel, pruners, shears, or saw. Hand tools make a great gift for gardeners. There is a tremendous array of tools available so pick a few unique ones! Garden Hand Tools(Amazon Aff.)

Gardening Gifts Ideas for Plant Propagating Gardeners

Plant propagation is my favorite garden subject so naturally I have to include a few things here!

Plant Propagation Books for Gifts

Books are a great resources especially for someone just beginning to learn about plant propagation. I’ve been a big fan of the Plant Propagation book by Alan Toogood for years. I also include The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation: From Seed to Tissue Culture, Second Edition plant propagation book in my garden library. See my review on Plant Propagation for more info on why I like it!

Equipment for Plant Propagation Gifts

Grafting knives, grafting tools (Amazon Link), rooting hormone, heat mats, and plant cloners would all be very neat gifts for plant propagating gardeners! While all these things are not necessary to do small scale plant propagation have some of these specialized tools may improve results!

This list is by no means complete! There are hundreds of gift ideas gardeners would love. Use your imagination and if the gardener you know has a specific passion (Japanese maples, conifers, seed starting, fruit trees, edible gardening) feed that passion!