Starting Japanese Maple Seeds

While the weather outside resembles that of the arctic I spent a few minutes starting Japanese maple seeds. I had two varieties of tree that I saved seed from this fall, 'Sango Kaku' and 'Bloodgood' (Acer palmatum). Both types of Japanese maples are fairly common and can make good root stock for other, more unique Japanese maple varieties. One of these days I'll get around to doing some tree grafting but before I do I need some root stock maples. Starting Japanese Maple Seeds There are several good ways to start Japanese maple seeds so please note that what I do here is just one possible way. I began with a presoak to determine the best viable seeds. The way the seed soaking works is that the viable seeds tend to sink while the less viable ones float. Unfortunately I had a bunch of floaters. I had over 15 seeds…

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2018 Garden Projects List

I haven't made a list of gardening projects in a while. I think it's time to start getting organized and planning out my 2018 for some great things! Years ago I decided rather than post about resolutions that I would focus on projects I wanted to accomplish like building a shed, building raised beds, or other similar garden projects. My 2018 project list this time doesn't stick strictly to the garden. I have a some major goals that I'm looking forward to tackling! On to the 2018 Garden Projects List!  2018 Garden Projects List Transplant about 8 blueberry bushes to our new property. They are small blueberry bushes so it won't be that difficult. The challenge will be protecting them from deer and other animals while we aren't on the land. I will probably have to install some sort of fencing/screen structure. Right now I'm considering 4x4 fence posts with…

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