Images of the Spring Garden – March 2018

Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons in the garden. Fall because I love the changing leaves, the cool crisp air, and the feeling of closure that comes with shutting down the garden. Spring is my other favorite because of the rebirth. All the spring flowers and foliage are emerging and everything is brand new again. It’s a really fun time to be out in the spring garden. When I walk from garden to garden I rediscover plants I had forgotten about. I see hostas emerging, buds swelling with the promise of blooms to come, birds darting to and fro as they begin making their nests, and so much more! Weeds emerge too but that doesn’t bother me so much. Weeds have their place and often provide nutrition for number of mysterious denizens of the garden.



Spring is the best of times in the garden. The garden is FULL of potential. Whether it’s from seeing last years perennials emerge again or if I am planning a new garden bed, spring is amazing. Every bloom is special, vibrant, and colorful. The foliage is magnificent as well.

I love the saw tooth edge of the ‘Shasta’ viburnum leaves, the variegated foliage of the hostas and my ‘Beni-Schichihenge’ Japanese maple (I have to look up how to spell that EVERY time I write it!), and the beautiful colors from the heucheras.

The pictures in this post were from the garden today: Apricot flowers, Yoshino’ Cherry blooms, dandelions, phlox, ‘Shasta’ viburnum and redbud trees. Every walk in the garden shows me something else to see. It reminds me of how special it is to have the ability to garden and enjoy the outdoors. It reminds me never to take it for granted. Of course I will at some point; I’m only human afterall. Imperfect among the imperfect perfection of nature.