Making A Dry Creek Bed Drainage Canal for Downspouts

What to do with this sedum garden? That's a question we asked ourselves several times. It was at one time a sedum garden but for some reason most of the sedum died over last summer. They may have been too wet, too dry, or both! The gutter from the garage roof gushes out water from at least 50% of the roof - then the summer heat dries out the whole area. It really takes one tough plant to survive those ever changing conditions. So we have to adapt and make the area more hospitable for planting. What did we come up with? A dry creek bed with a canal to channel the water away from the house and the garden. The rest of the post will tell you about making a dry creek bed! Making a Dry Creek Bed The Plan for Making a Dry Creek Bed Here's the basic…

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A Brick Floor in the Garden Shed

My last post about the brick floor only had a small portion of the garden shed covered with bricks. I've made a little progress since then and have complete exhausted my supply of free bricks. I've been looking for more but so far I've come up empty handed. I'm pleased with how it's turning out at this point but really would love for another 150 bricks to fall in my lap - OK, not really, that would hurt but you know what I mean.This picture of the floor was taken from the front door of the garden shed. The bricks are in what is called a basket weave pattern where they form even squares that match up with each other in rows and columns. I toyed with the herringbone pattern idea but found that it would have left me with too many bricks to cut to make even edges and…

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Blocks, Bricks and Floor

Before I began building my greenhouse shed I did some research into what makes a good greenhouse. Among many important aspects like positioning (for ideal sun), materials, and passive heating I learned that a porous surface for flooring is essential. It makes sense, plants need water - plants will drip water, it has to go somewhere! In my greenhouse shed I started with the goal of finding good flooring materials that would give me a hard surface but still drain well. Free bricks were part of that solution and will fit in nicely for the walkways but I still needed something for the "shed" part. The shed section is an area of the greenhouse that will house my mowers and lawn equipment.So I came up with this idea, a raised platform that is level with the back entry. The platform is edged with heavy concrete blocks and cap stones that…

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