Fall Color 2017 from Growing The Home Garden

I'm a big fan of foliage! There is no better time of the year than autumn for those who love foliage, and naturally fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I thought I would share with you some photos I have taken over the last month of the foliage from my garden. Tennessee often has amazing fall color and this year was no exception. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the fall color from my garden! Fall Color 2017 While its surroundings are lacking in appeal blueberry bushes always have some beautiful fall foliage. They are worth planting for ornamental value in addition to the edible berries. Fothergilla is an amazing plant for fall color! This Japanese Maple is 'Germaine's Gyration'. I missed the peak color by a day! There are few trees that can rival the fall color of a maple! This self sown maple…

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