First Daffodils of 2017

Every year in the garden is different. Sometimes it's warmer than normal, sometimes colder. We may have more rain than usual or we may be in a drought. All of these factors affect how the plants grow, what comes up, and when they make their first appearance. One special event I like to notate each year on this garden blog is the flowering of the first daffodils of the year. It's exciting to see flowers begin to bloom after a drab and dreary winter season. Daffodils tend to be one of the first flowers of the year to flower in my garden. In addition to daffodils we'll see Winter Blooming Jasmine and other winter to spring blooming flowers begin to make their appearance. I've also seen foliage of iris and hyacinth beginning to emerge. Watching the progression of winter to spring is one of the most exciting parts of gardening!…

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What Looks Good with Coreopsis?

You didn't ask but I thought I would tell you anyway, coreopsis looks great with just about everything! Over the last two years I've acquired several types of coreopsis and experimented with it in different combinations and found it plays well by itself and with others. Here are few coreopsis companions from my garden. "Moonbeam" Coreopsis Here on the left is one of our two 'Moonbeam' coreopsis plants beginning to bloom. Even when not in bloom the threadleaf coreopsis plants look cool just because of their feathery, fern-like foliage.  Coreopsis 'Sunfire' and Red Yarrow (Achillea) This is perhaps one of my favorite combinations. This seed raised coreopsis (I believe its a descendant of coreopsis 'Sunfire') blends well with the red of the Paprika yarrow (achillea) next door. These two companions are growing and thriving in the rain garden. Achillea is one of those plants that you can divide and divide…

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