A Temporary Way to Fix a Gravel Driveway Drainage Issue

A couple months ago we finally found and purchased land to build a new home and (of course) new gardens. No matter what property you have there will always be imperfections that need to be addressed in some way. One of the biggest problems with our property is the driveway. It's a LONG driveway that is approximately 1000' before you get to the main property. In my mind this is a feature and not a problem. It puts our home and bulk of the land behind other large acre properties which will give us privacy from the road. The actual problem with the driveway is with the very front entrance to the driveway. It's a gravel driveway with a steep entry from the main road. When it rains the gravel begins to wash away so I needed to come up with way to a fix a gravel driveway drainage issue.…

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