Coleus Cuttings: Are they the Easiest Cuttings You’ll Ever Root?

If coleus (Solenostemon) is not the easiest plant cutting to root, then it must be ranked at the top of the plant propagator's list right next to the willows. It's such a great foliage plant why not make more? How to Propagate Coleus The procedure is simple, just take a cutting with two leaves and some stem (about 2 inches is good), pinch the terminal growth and put it in water. Now here's the really important part, the most critical part, you have to wait for roots to grow. That's it! No rooting hormone is needed. You could get away with sticking the stem in moist potting soil and skip the water treatment altogether but if you're like me, you will want to see the roots before you plant them!   How Long Does it Take for Cuttings to Root? Before too long, in less than a week you'll have…

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