Still Standing -My Bradford Pear Tree

For years now I have complained about our Bradford Pear Trees. In my mind they are one of the most problematic trees ever planted in the landscape. I despise Bradford Pear trees. There are so many reasons why Bradford pear trees are terrible for planting that I constantly wonder WHY were these things ever released to the public for purchase. I removed one of our Bradford pear trees a couple years ago but still have one remaining. This particular one seems to want to taunt me by standing tall against all manner of weather. In reality it really isn't some sort of super mutant Bradford pear tree. It's just in a lucky location where the wind it receives isn't usually as severe as other spots. My kids love this tree so until I have some damage that necessitates its removal I couldn't remove it without disappointing 3 out of 4…

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Why You Shouldn’t Plant a Bradford Pear Tree But Some People Do Anyway

The Bradford Pear tree (Pyrus calleryana). Sure it looks nice but it's one tree that people should stay away from planting in their yard. At first glance you might wonder "why shouldn't I plant them?" They have a great shape, they grow fast, and they flower profusely in the spring. Unfortunately for the homeowners who plant the Bradford pear all is not as it seems. There are several reasons to avoid them. What is wrong with a Bradford Pear Tree? These trees are extremely over planted. This may just be my own personal opinion but when a plant is planted everywhere I like to avoid it. In our neighborhood the builder deposited 2 Bradford pear trees in each front yard. Everywhere you go you see these pear trees planted and not just by people. The birds help to deposit the seeds in various places and you end up with Bradford…

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