Gardening Videos on Youtube by Growing The Home Garden

Over the years I've done a few gardening videos and put them up on Youtube. I'm starting to get a little more into video production for Youtube and would love to have you along as a subscriber! Just go right here to subscribe: Subscribe to Growing The Home Garden on Youtube.

Below are some of the links to the videos I currently have on Youtube for your to enjoy. More content will be coming! If you have a garden topic you would like me to cover let me know!

Gardening Videos on Youtube from Growing The Home Garden




What is Aster Yellows disease? What can you do about it?

A look at what aster yellows disease is, it's symptoms, and what you can do to control it's spread in the garden.

A Short Walk Through My Hosta Garden

A visit on the shady garden pathway through my hosta garden.

How to Keep Plants from Falling Open in the Center

A couple tips on how to keep your plants from falling open in the center! This works well with catmint, sedum, and other perennials.

Invasive Japanese Honeysuckle

Invasive Japanese honeysuckle is all over Tennessee including my garden!

Propagating a Viburnum through Layering

An easy way to propagate a viburnum! Layering!

Why Not to Plant a Bradford Pear

Bradford pears are the tree I love to hate! Here's why in this video!

New Land for Growing The Home Garden

A quiet little video of the open space area of our new property! We can't wait to build and begin creating gardens there.

How to Remove Fall Webworms

If you can reach the fall web worms this is the best way to remove them.

How to Remove Coneflower Seeds (Echinacea)

Here's how I get the coneflower seed out of the coneflower so I can save the seed.