2007 Gardening Season

Summer of 2007 has been a tough one for gardening in Tennessee. We had a major shock in the spring with warm temperatures then a harsh freeze that killed and crippled many plants in our region. Then to add insult to injury we experienced drought and extreme temperatures. Hopefully with fall arriving and cooler temperatures we'll get more water to help improve our drought.

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About The Home Garden

Thank you for stopping by to visit this little corner of the gardening world. This blog is about my experiences in our first home garden, hence the name The Home Garden. I've been studying gardening and experimenting with plant propagation on my own now for several years with much of my gardening taking place on the back porch of our old apartment. On the last day of February of 2007 we closed on our home and vigorously began the remodel of the inside and outside of the former foreclosure house. It's become our home and every day in the gardening is bringing us closer to the dream garden all gardeners long to create. It's a long road covered with a whole lot of dirt and mulch but it brings us rewards each and everyday. As a stay at home dad of one two three four children I'm blessed with many…

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