2013 Home Garden Project List

Every year I write down my ideas for gardening projects.  It helps me to put down some thoughts and map out where my garden needs to go throughout the season.  I won't be able to accomplish every project on the list but it does give me some direction.  At the end of the year I'll go back and see how well I achieved my project goals like I did in my last post for 2012.  Now, let's take a look what I'm planning for 2013! Dave's 2013 Garden Projects Install the garden fence.  Yep I still haven't gotten a fence built around the vegetable garden yet.  It's been years now since this project first appeared on my list.  Maybe by putting it at the top of this list I'll finally get it accomplished!  For fencing I'm leaning toward a wood frame with wire.  Each frame will fit between the posts to enclose…

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