Building an Arbor Style Trellis

In the vegetable garden there is always a need for more space.  You never have enough.  The garden is constantly being filled with more plants than you really have room for and you have to find ways to organize it.  That's why going vertical is a great option and the most classic way to…

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Yet Another Arbor!

You can never have enough arbors can you?  Arbors are the perfect portals for gardens.  They define the entrance, create a vertical element of interest, and just look pretty neat!  Today I put together a very simple gateway arbor as an entrance to the shade garden I've built for Lowe's Creative Ideas.  My last…

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Around Our Garden Landscape

This weekend after all the garden related chores were done for the day, and just before sunset came, I took a few photographs of how our gardens look this April.  I still have mulching, pruning, weeding, and many other things to do but I thought it would be a good time to share some…

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