These Blue Berries Aren’t Blueberries!

The blue berries I'm about to show aren't from any blueberry bush but are from the Arrowwood viburnum!  This viburnum is one of my favorites (but really, I think all viburnums are my favorites).  Viburnum dentatum has white flowers that appear in spring and are a great source of nectar for bees and butterflies. …

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A Pretty Seedy Garden

'Autumn Joy' Sedum seed heads persist through winter. This time of year the flowers are mostly faded and few things have retained enough foliage to be markedly interesting.  But those faded flowers have left something behind - seeds!  Seeds can do a few of very cool things: They sustain the plant species for the…

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Beautyberry Berries In Color

One of the precursors to fall is the beautyberry. Much like the forsythias harken the arrival of spring the beautyberries are always reliably beautiful beginning this time of year. The blooms of summer gradually have transformed from small white blossoms into clusters of tiny purple gems.  Our beautyberry is now in its third year…

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Inside the Strawberry Patch

OK it's not really a strawberry patch as much as it is a raised bed in the vegetable garden that is overflowing with strawberry plants. A couple years ago I planted the bed with these strawberry plants, I believe there were twelve plants total, and let them grow in the bed. I fertilized after…

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What Evergreen Am I?

A little more guessing fun on this first day of winter! Do you know this evergreen tree with the black berries? I'll give you a hint - I've written about it before! No links - that would be too easy! No rhymes either - that would be too cheesy! Oops... Yesterday's post "What Seeds are…

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Seeing Red

The foliage is still there on some if the trees and shrubs in our garden and is fading fast. Most of what remains now has a reddish hue in the leaves but in some cases what remains isn't just the leaves. The 'Shasta' viburnum is showing red in the last few of it's remaining…

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Symbols of Fall in the Garden

All the telltale signs of fall are upon us. The leaves are beginning their changes and one of the first to highlight the season is the sassafras. It's a beautiful fast growing native tree here in Tennessee and as you can see sets up the wild areas of our yard with some fiery color.…

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