Propagating Birch Trees from Softwood Cuttings

Spring means it's time to take some cuttings!  Today I took a few cuttings of a birch tree I'm eventually going to have to remove.  I planted it way too close to our house and it has gotten too large.  I didn't want to lose the tree so I thought I would get a few to root and maybe plant plant one in a better location. For these birch tree cuttings I wanted the green stem tip growth.  I was looking for cuttings that were between 2-4 inches in length and green.  Here are a few pieces I trimmed off initially.  they still have some of the older wood material from the birch tree. I trimmed the greenwood off of the old wood and stripped the leaves off to make cuttings with single leaves.    Then I put the cuttings in a jar of water to stay hydrated while I…

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