Surprised By the Red Spider

Red Spider Lily that is!  This Saturday I was mowing and passed by one of the garden beds on my riding mower when this bright red flower jumped out at me.  Did it really jump?  Nope but one day it wasn't there and now here it is. Spider lilies (Lycoris radiata) are also called…

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Give Things that Live!

When gift giving holidays are upon us (and happen during the growing season) I like to find gifts that can be planted in the ground and will give back the pleasure of the first gift many times over. I did that again this year with Valentine's Day. My usual gift to my wife is…

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Signs of Spring Coming

This time of year more than any other when the cold weather is still stuck upon us we look for any signs of spring. We scour the garden for any hints of warmer weather that will hopefully be on its way soon. We have it lucky right now here in Tennessee. While the snows…

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Shirley it’s Time for Tulips!

Shirley Tulips in Bloom And here's where you can find Shirley! The Front Sidewalk Garden. This is the third year the tulips have come back in this garden. I've heard people complain about tulips not returning but these have been very faithful. The front sidewalk garden is located on the north side of our…

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Hiding Spent Foliage

I like daffodils and tulips, but you know their foliage just isn't much to get excited about. Once the flowers are done we all know the best thing to do is to cut back the flower stems to prevent them from going to seed (unless you are hybridizing or want to collect the seed)…

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The First Daffodil Bloom of 2010

During these gray overcast days of a winter almost past, seeing the first daffodils of spring bloom in our yard is like watching the sun sprout from the earth. Our garden is behind most at this point but that's OK because it means that there will be more blooms overlapping each other than usual!…

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It Won’t Be Long…

...before the daffodils bloom! We are definitely behind last year's blooms. The only daffodils I saw outside today were 1-2 inch leaves protruding from the ground. Anyone have a guess as to when the first daffodil in my garden will be blooming? Latest Greenhouse Post: How I'll Use My Greenhouse.

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Tulip Time in Tennessee!

After the daffodils and hyacinths have completed their performance the tulips take center stage in the front sidewalk garden. This time of year the front sidewalk garden is full of two kinds of tulips 'Negrita' and 'Shirley'. These were both impulse purchases at a box store in the fall of 2007 and have really…

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