Asiatic Lily Propagation with Bulbils

Perhaps one of the easiest methods of plant propagation is through bulbils. Bulbils are simply baby plants produced along aerial stem of a plant. Lilies are well known for producing bubils and you can take advantage of this natural plant ability to create more lilies for your garden. Not all lilies produce bulbils so…

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Garden Update From The Weekend

This weekend was a busy one in the garden! The weather was sunny, although with a fair amount of wind on Saturday but Sunday afternoon was very pleasant.  This time of year is always exciting.  Gardening activities are resuming in earnest and a lot can be done to prepare for a great gardening season. …

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First Daffodil Blooms of 2012!

The first daffodil blooms of 2012 are now on display in my garden!  Every year I like to track the first daffodil of the season.  It amazing how much each year can differ.  The warmer the weather the earlier the flowers appear.  We're almost a month earlier than last year's daffodil blooms! Here's a…

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Two Signs of Spring

Are you looking for something, anything to keep you going until spring time?  Are you frantically searching the garden for signs of life?  Here are two early signs to look for that will tell you spring is just around the corner! The daffodils are rising!  The foliage of daffodils always comes up early but…

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Surprised By the Red Spider

Red Spider Lily that is!  This Saturday I was mowing and passed by one of the garden beds on my riding mower when this bright red flower jumped out at me.  Did it really jump?  Nope but one day it wasn't there and now here it is. Spider lilies (Lycoris radiata) are also called…

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Irises in Spring

Irises! when you think of springtime, do you think of irises? Of course I'm sure you think of all kinds of flowering plants, bulbs, and trees but irises are distinct. They offer a variety of colors, of shapes, and sizes to decorate the spring garden. The irises in my garden have recently begun to…

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Already Time for Irises

THis first of the irises to bloom this year are the reblooming white irises we have in the Japanese maple garden. It's a small garden just to one side of our patio that ,of course, has a Japanese maple! It was a gift a few years ago to me for Father's Day. The reblooming…

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A Daffodil Photo Op

I planted these daffodils late last fall. I found them after they went on sale in December and planted them soon after. They are just now blooming while all the other daffodils are fading which is pretty neat! I may plant a few late daffodils each year to achieve the same effect!

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The First Daffodils of 2011

The daffodils are officially in bloom here in my Tennessee Garden! Every year I like to mark the beginning of the daffodil blooms as it is one of the many signs of spring. (Coming very soon: Forsythia) It's hard not to get excited about spring's arrival after such a cold winter isn't it? The…

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