5 Frugal Fall Garden Tips for Cheap Gardeners!

It's fall and the gardening season is winding down, but it's not too late to save a few dollars for next year.  There are lots of techniques gardeners can do this time of year to save money for next season.  Today I'm going to give you five ideas that will help you save money on next year's gardening budget! So if you're frugal ...read on!  If not... read on anyway! 5 Frugal Fall Garden Tips! Save tender perennials like coleus by taking a few cuttings and bringing them indoors for the winter.  Coleus makes a great house plant and is very easy to get rooted.  Sticking a few trimmings in a pot of moist soil will work fine.  You could also go the jar of water method and simply wait until roots form before potting your cuttings up.  In the spring time you can pot the whole plant back in…

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5 Ways to Save Money on the Garden!

We're always looking for ways to save money and with today's economy what it is it's not just wise, it's crucial for gardeners to save a buck when they can!  Gaillardia from a Discount Rack There are several ways gardeners can save money on their garden that are really easy to do and don't require anything really crazy.  Today's Friday Five post offers up 5 tips to help you save money on your garden.  Don't forget to share your favorite ways to save money on gardening in the comments below!  5 Ways to Save Money on the Garden!  Let's start with an important one that I mention often - compost!  Compost is composed of a humongous number of living organisms that bring life to the soil.  They break down big stuff and make it into small stuff that plants can use.  What is that stuff?  Nutrients and elements that range…

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Simple Potting Arrangement for the Front Porch

I'm not big into potted plants, but maybe I should be. There's something satisfying about having a garden 100% complete and only having to maintain it with a little watering and a smattering of organic fertilizer. Essentially a potted arrangement is just a simple miniature garden complete within itself. Of course you can get as complicated as the size of your pot allows, you can include bonsai, groundcovers, and of course the potter's adage "spillers, thrillers and chillers!" You can even include multiple pots together to make whole gardens of pots that blend with each other. Today I went simple and planted two identical pots with two contrasting colors: silver and burgundy. For the burgundy I found two cordyline plants on the discount rack and paid a whopping $2 for both of them. For the silver I picked the old standard annual plant Dusty Miller. Old Dusty sometimes makes it…

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