A Trip to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville, TN

Recently our family made a visit to the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville, TN. If you have never taken the opportunity to visit you should. The gardens are filled with a wonderful display of annuals, perennials, and themed gardens. Currently they have various playhouses on display with multiple themes like trains and foreign countries. We happened to be visiting with other homeschool families and our children were able to take part in lectures on butterflies and wildflowers and even learned about book binding. It was a hot August day but the kids all enjoyed walking through the gardens and taking part in the events Cheekwood was offering. I hope you enjoy looking at the slideshow of pictures from Cheekwood Botanical Garden! My daughter says Hi! To plan out your visit to Cheekwood visit their website for info. Save Save Save

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5 Great Reasons to Visit Cheekwood Botanical Gardens!

I wanted to share a few more pictures from my visit to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens the other day but also wanted to give you a Friday 5 post so I thought why not put the two together?  For today I'll give you 5 Great reasons to visit Cheekwood and show you some of the great features I saw during my brief visit on Monday. Awesome plantings that are changed with the seasons!  What could be more seasonal this fall than the quintessential mum?  Cheekwood has an amazing display of mums planted enmass.  Backdrops of other perennials really enable the colorful mums to pop out at the visitor.  Nearly any time something is planted in a mass planting it impresses! The backdrops in the picture to the right include canna lily and Salvia leucantha. Ninebark Ninebark Cheekwood is a great place to learn about new plants, different plants, or how to…

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Autumn Scenes from Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Yesterday I traveled up to the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens to listen to Tina from In the Garden. She was doing a talk on Winter Gardening and all that it entails so we thought it would be a great opportunity for us to visit with her and check out the gardens while we were there. We also visited with Gail from Clay and Limestone at the meeting too. It's always fun to visit with other garden bloggers! Cheekwood Botanical Garden has to be counted as one of Middle Tennessee's finest treasures. Their programs are always dynamic and interesting like the Chuhuly exhibit last year or the treehouses this year. Unfortunately the light was beginning to fade when we arrived at 5:30 PM and my pictures will be somewhat less than what they could have been with the right lighting but I think you'll be able to see some of awesome job…

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