Why I Let Cilantro Bolt and You Should Too

Cilantro is one of our family's favorite herbs to grow. We use it in cooking various dishes and always include it in our guacamole. In the garden it tends to be very short lived in the heat of the summer. Cilantro is very heat sensitive and will produce flowers very fast when the temperatures get warm. When a plant begins to flower is called bolting but in the case of this herb it's not a bad thing. There are lots of great reasons to let your cilantro bolt. Cilantro produces small tiny clusters of white to pink flowers that are very ornamental. While that might be a great reason in itself to let cilantro flower cilantro also attracts small bees and pollinators to the garden. It's also never bothered by deer or rabbits so it makes a great plant to keep next to garden areas that may have issues with…

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Tips for Growing Cilantro

Cilantro is one of those funny herbs, some people like it, others don't!  You can count me in the group of people who like it.  Growing beautiful cilantro plants isn't a difficult thing but there are a couple things you should know to maximize your cilantro harvests.  Yesterday a reader asked me in my post 5 Herbs You Should Grow In Your Garden if I had any tips for growing cilantro so I thought today I pass along a few. Here are a few Tips for Growing Cilantro! First you need to realize it is a cool weather crop.  When the heat of summer comes along your cilantro doesn't have much time left!  It will begin to bolt (which just means it starts to flower) and the flavor of the leaves changes, and not for the better, more bitter.  Plants grown in part shade will take a little longer to…

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