A Visit to Bountiful Blessings Farm

Over the weekend our family visited Bountiful Blessings Farm here in Middle TN.  Bountiful Blessings is in the Williamsport area about 30-40 minutes away from where we live here in Spring Hill. The big draw for us was the strawberries.  My mom gave us a couple pints of strawberries from their farm about 2 weeks ago and they were so delicious we decided we needed to go and get some more! As an added bonus they were having an open house to tour the farm which operates a CSA program. Bountiful Blessings Farm is owned and operated by the Dysinger family.  John and Edwin were our hosts but the whole family was all around.  The farm is completely a family operation.  John and Edwin's parents bought a piece of retirement land and invited their children to move to it.  They came and eventually began second careers as farmers.  Several generations…

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Organic Seed Starting from a CSA

Yesterday I watched and shared this video from Quiet Creek Farms and the Penn State Extension Service on the Growing The Home Garden Facebook page.  The video has some great techniques for seed starting including a recipe for their seed starting soil.  It has a business slant geared toward developing a CSA but the techniques described are very usable in the home garden!  If you don't use your local extension services you really should investigate what they have to offer.  They are an awesome free resources to utilize for growing in your garden! CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Customers buy a share of the crop and receive produce that is in season.  

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