Garden Mistakes: Artemisia

Have you ever put something in the garden that you just shouldn't have? Maybe you thought "I don't have a better place to put this so I'll just stick it in here" or even "I'll stick this plant here and keep it trimmed back." I've thought both of those many times and made mistakes…

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The Deck Garden: Then and Now

I was out today looking at the sorry state of the gardens and though it might be an interesting exercise to look back at how the gardens appeared last spring and compare them. Over the next few posts I'll go back for a few photos of the spring time version and contrast it with…

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Perennials Around the Deck

In my last post I showed you some of the perennials around our vegetable garden. In this post I'll show you some of the perennials in the garden around our deck. Despite my title not all of these plants are perennials. One of the most striking plants in this grouping is in fact an…

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