Creating a Deer Resistant Shade Garden (Part 2)

A shade garden just isn't a shade garden without plants right? So what plants should get planted in a deer proof garden? Oops I said proof again. Nothing is 100% proof against a deer. Resistant is a better word. So let's try this again.  What kind of plants should be planted in a deer resistant shade garden?  Surprisingly there are quite a few good deer resistant candidates for shade gardens.  Take heucheras for instance.  Heucheras or coral bells are fantastic plants for shade gardens.  Heucheras like it dry, have quite a few colors to make things interesting, and can take the damage from deer and rabbits once established.  They also aren't extremely tasty for deer either! In addition to heucheras, hellebores are very deer resistant. In fact the foliage is poisonous so deer really won't want to nibble on them very much. There a quite a few other plants possible…

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Creating a Deer Resistant Shade Garden! (Part 1)

I've always loved shade gardens.  Foliage plants like hostas and heucheras are two of my favorite types of plants and I just don't have enough space in my yard for them.  The other issue I have is deer.  They've eaten many of my plants over the years.  They love sampling a little bit of everything in the garden and there truly are few plants that are 100% deer proof.  But there are ways to make a garden resistant to deer to minimize their damage.  For my Lowe's Creative Ideas project this month I've set about to solve my deer problem by creating a deer resistant shade garden.  All the materials for the setup of this garden were purchased at our local Lowe's and paid for by Lowe's Creative Ideas. To create a deer resistant garden of any kind you have to do several things: plant the right plants, disguise the…

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