Plant Propagation Cloner

I came across a video today on Youtube that I thought was a fantastic demonstration of how to build a plant propagation cloner! This is a DIY project I would love to try when I have a bit more time. If you have tried something like this please let us know in the comments on how the project went, any changes you might have made, and how successful you've been at rooting cuttings with the cloner! Plant propagation cloners help to keep the roots hydrated which is one of the major issues with propagating plants. Have you tried to build your own plant propagation cloner?

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Build a Mini-Hoop House to Get an Early Start on the Garden

This winter has been cold and nothing if not unpredictable. Here in Tennessee we're experiencing a warm day every now and then followed by extreme cold. Hopefully now that March has arrived and spring is close things will be shaping up very soon. With that in mind I put together a project that will help me to get a jump start on my vegetable planting this season: a mini-hoop house. I grow most of my vegetables from seed and a hoop house is an ideal way to thwart the cold and get those spring and summer vegetables started early.  Lowe's provided my materials for this project as part of their Creative Ideas program. A hoop-house is essentially a greenhouse. Typically a hoop house will cover a garden area to heat it up enough to extend the season.  Once warm temperatures arrive they can be taken down or covered with another…

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Harbor Freight Greenhouse Evaluation

Back in the fall I took advantage of a sale at the discount retailer Harbor Freight and bought myself a greenhouse.  It was a small greenhouse at only 6'x8' in size which would be about 48 square feet of space.  I've always heard gardeners say that no matter what size greenhouse you have you will always need more space!  I figured before spending a bunch of money on greenhouses I should test small and inexpensive one to see how it goes then move up from there.  I primarily need to use the greenhouse in the early spring as a growing location for sprouted seeds that need to be moved from my seed starting shelves to clear space for more seedlings. The construction of this greenhouse took me a while.  I was assembling it by myself and only working on comfortable days outdoors - and in the winter comfortable days can…

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