Decorating the Garden for Halloween

October is always a fun time of the year.  Fall festivals are in full swing, the leaves are changing, the weather is more cooperative for gardening, and of course there's Halloween.  We don't typically decorate much around here for Halloween.  Part of it is the difficulty of managing a whole lot of decorating with four kids running around and all of their activities.  The other part of it is that Halloween tends to be a little more frightening for young children like ours.  They love to dress up but their taste right now is more into the superhero and fairies than in scary Halloween creatures.  This year we added a little something for Halloween in the garden, just a little.  Nothing too scary, and it even seems a bit friendly and welcoming when driving home at night!  Lowe's Creative Ideas sponsored our Halloween decor this year. Meet our friendly neighborhood…

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5 Signs of Autumn’s Arrival

The autumn equinox is this weekend which means fall will be officially here but along the way nature has been telling us that fall is here already.  Let's take a peek at some of the signs of fall around my garden. 5 Signs of Autumn's Arrival The annual discussion of what causes allergies begins when the golden rod blooms.  Goldenrod is completely innocent when it comes to your nasal issues.  The real culprit is ragweed.  Ragweed pollinates sends its pollen to other plants (and your nose) through the wind but goldenrod relies on its attractive golden plumes to  bring in beneficial pollinators! Don't blame the goldenrod, its just a sign of fall! Goldenrod (Solidago) Ragweed Other weeds begin to sprout this time of year too.  Cool season weeds like chickweed get their start when the weather gets more suitable to their liking.  Chickweed is also one of those plants that…

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It Is Most Definitely Fall

It's no secret that this has been a challenging year for our family. My father's health issues and fight with cancer completely drained our enthusiasm and many things have suffered.  That is one reason why this fall is so welcome.  Fall represents the closing of the growing season. Winter will come soon after and gardening chores and projects will become much less frequent.  The chores and projects will never stop (I'm too addicted to gardening for that!) but the slow down will be very welcome.  Fall has always been by favorite season and the warm days and cool breezes here in Tennessee usually make for awesome autumn settings. When I was still teaching (before I became a stay at home dad) we lived in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and let me tell you that that area is one of the most beautiful places for fall scenery.  I didn't…

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