Growing in the Fall Vegetable Garden

Fall vegetable gardening can certainly be interesting in Tennessee!  You never quite know how the weather is going to shape up.  Is it going to frost early?  Late?  Will the temperatures be normal or extra warm like we'll be having this week?  You just never know.  For gardening weather this October we've had a…

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Pak Choi and Other Fall Greens

A few weeks ago I planted our fall greens from seed in the vegetable garden.  I planted a mix of kale, chard, lettuce, spinach, pak choi, and Brussels sprouts.  The seedlings are all located in one of my long 10'x3' beds made from scrape lumber. They were orginally meant to be 10'x2' like in…

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5 Fall Vegetables for Your Garden

Fall is creeping closer and closer each day which brings to mind cool evening breezes, pumpkins, festivals, the Fall Color Project (more on that later), and of course the fall vegetable growing season.  Most gardeners seem to garden almost exclusively in the spring or summer and don't even consider the fall.  It's probably since…

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The November Vegetable Garden

It's finally time to get the chore to end all chores done: cleaning up the vegetable garden.  After a year of intermittent neglect, frustration, summer heat, and family tragedy it is definitely time to put this year's garden under wraps.  Mostly under wraps that is.  We actually have a crop of greens on the…

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The Surprise Vegetable Garden

You've seen it before I'm sure.  A surprise plant or two coming up where you would least expect it.  A bird may have moved the seed around, or maybe it was caught can carried along on the wind. But have you ever had a whole garden just appear ready to go?  I have!  Now…

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Fall Seedlings

The fall vegetable garden is coming along! It never fails to fill me with excitement when those freshly planted seeds grow into seedlings. Especially when the seedlings were planted naturally through self-sowing as is the case with my cilantro. Cilantro is one of those expensive to buy but easy to grow plants.  It likes…

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My Vegetable Garden Video Update!

Since I bought my new toy (a Sony Handycam HDR-CX130) I've been playing around with filming my garden in different areas. I have to admit - talking to a camera by oneself while wandering around your garden is a weird sensation. I'm convinced that my neighbors already think I'm crazy and I doubt video…

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Raised Bed on a Deck Question

A reader sent me this question asking how I would build a raised bed on a deck.  It's a very interesting question. I've never built a raised bed on a deck before but if I were planning one here's what I would do. But first the question: Dave, I want to build a raised…

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