Wrong Plant Wrong Place

When we first moved into our house back in 2007 and were discovering what our garden had in it we found very little.  A nandina, a couple cedars, some reblooming daylilies, and a teeny tiny spirea were all the plants that were there. Not much to start a garden with but I was excited…

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These Blue Berries Aren’t Blueberries!

The blue berries I'm about to show aren't from any blueberry bush but are from the Arrowwood viburnum!  This viburnum is one of my favorites (but really, I think all viburnums are my favorites).  Viburnum dentatum has white flowers that appear in spring and are a great source of nectar for bees and butterflies. …

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Viburnum x burkwoodii ‘Mohawk’

I wish you could smell the garden right now.  If I could bring you the scents of my garden through this post I would.  What's making my garden so fragrant?  A combination of two plants: Viburnum x burkwoodii 'Mohawk' and the irises! The combination of the two is bringing a honeysuckle like fragrance to…

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20 Butterfly Bushes

This week I went to my mom's house to do a little digging.  Back in the late spring we noticed small butterfly bush seedlings beginning to sprout in the pathway's of her vegetable garden. As they grew large enough to transplant the weather became hot and transplanting wasn't a great idea. Then my father…

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Camellias, Two for the Price of One!

When you garden cheap (or try to) you look for all those little tricks that will help save a few dollars. Plant propagation is one of my favorite tricks but here's another money saving trick that pops up from time to time: multiple plants! Sometimes plant propagators stick more than one cutting in a…

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A Short Plant Propagation Update

I wish I could say I had thousands of plants sitting in the backyard from my plant propagation experiments but unfortunately I've just been too busy to do much this year. That isn't to say I'm not happy with what I've accomplished. Sometimes the uniqueness of the experience is much more valuable and satisfying…

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