The Spring Garden Progresses Ever Onward

We're in full fledged spring garden mode here in Tennessee. What does that mean you ask? Everything is blooming or budding. While allergy sufferers dread this time of year it still remains my favorite. I love the bright green colored grass as it comes up fresh from the earth. I love the play of…

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The Garden, with Frosting!

This time of year it isn't unusual to see the garden in a crystallized form.  Wet winter weather insures that enough moisture is around to turn the landscape into a frosted garden.  The unique appearance of the frosted garden gives the gardener a great opportunity to play around with some photography.  Here are a…

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Sights from Around the Garden

I haven't made it out into the garden much lately other than to gather the occasional item for the kitchen but I did manage to grab the camera and head into the yard this afternoon for a few minutes. Here's a little of what I found! This is a 'Golden Globe' arborvitae.  It has…

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My Garden is a Mess, and That’s OK

It's January and my garden is a mess.  That's OK because it's January!  My garden could be the perfect mixture of evergreen conifers and winter color landscape plantings specifically designed to brighten the gloomiest winter day, but it's not.  I would love that, but my garden was never put together for the winter color.…

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What to do on a Cold Winter’s Day

On a cold morning such as this you might be wondering "what can I do in the garden?"  Or you might be wondering "why does he know what I'm wondering?"  Or...maybe not, whatever the case is cold winter days are good for the garden and the gardener.  The garden needs those cold winter days…

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Garden Update From The Weekend

This weekend was a busy one in the garden! The weather was sunny, although with a fair amount of wind on Saturday but Sunday afternoon was very pleasant.  This time of year is always exciting.  Gardening activities are resuming in earnest and a lot can be done to prepare for a great gardening season. …

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