Shattered Glass and Shower Door Projects

The other day strong winds blew through Tennessee.  They were not just your normal winter winds, these were March winds - in February.  The kinds of winds we normally get in spring when the weather changes more frequently between warm and cold fronts.  Unfortunately I wasn't prepared for the high impact of the winds.  Two glass shower doors were propped up outside next to my potting bench waiting to be used for a project.  The wind caught them from underneath and knocked them over onto the concrete paving stone patio.  One door was fine, the other was completely shattered. Grow House from Gardener's Supply (Aff. Link) Glass shower doors are useful for all kinds of garden projects.  I had planned to build a small seed starting cabinet similar to this one from Gardener's Supply Company in the picture to the right.  I should still be able to do that with…

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