Fiskars Hatchet and Billhook Review

It isn't often I have a product to test in my garden where I actually say "Holy crap, this is awesome!" when no one else is around. Really. Products that good are really hard to come by because I'm fairly picky. A few weeks ago I was sent two items from Fiskars to try out. For disclaimer purposes I was not paid to try these tools out but was sent the tools to keep and use. The two tools Fiskars sent me were the Hatchet and the Billhook.               I was pretty excited to try out the hatchet. After all it's an ax and what isn't cool about that? I went around the garden eliminating weedy saplings at the root crown everywhere. It easily took out hackberry, Bradford pear seedlings, tulip poplar seedlings, and anything else I ran across. I tried it out on…

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