Splurge On Spring With Monrovia Plants: Heuchera and Heucherella

Spring time is such an exciting time for gardeners. The weather is better, the garden is growing again, and it's time to add more plants to the garden! Thanks to Monrovia plants I splurged on plants for my garden the other day! Which one's did I add? Heucheras and heucherellas! Before I tell you more you might be wondering, what is a heucherella? A heucherella is simple a hybrid plant created by crossing a tiarella (foamflower) with a heuchera (coral bells). Both are in the same family Saxifragaceae which makes their hybridization a possibility. I've been a big fan of heucheras for a long time due to their unique appearance, resistance to common animals pests (those pesky deer and rabbits), and their drought resistance. Heucheras are now available in all kinds of colors. They tend to be shade plants but there are varieties now that can tolerate more sunlight and…

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