Decorating Through the Holidays with Live Potted Plants

The holidays are an extremely busy time of the year. We go from Halloween with spooky decorations, to Thanksgiving with autumn harvest styles, then to finally to Christmas. For those who enjoy decorating (and have the storage space for all that stuff) it can be a great deal of fun, but for others who may enjoy the holidays much more than decorating for them there are options - especially if you are a gardener! This week I potted up some live plants that will be decorating our front entryway all the way through Christmas. Once Christmas is over they can be planted in the garden to add to the landscape as evergreen plantings. (All the materials for this planting project were provided by Lowe's for Lowe's Creative Ideas) I selected several different types of plants. The main plants are evergreen trees and shrubs that can serve as privacy screens and…

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A Few Gift Ideas for Gardeners

It's that time of year when we're all struggling to come up with great ideas to give our favorite people. I've always found that the best gifts are those that you can use on an almost daily basis. A couple years ago at Christmas I was given an iron skillet. I thought for second "wow, an iron skillet." It certainly didn't seem to be the most exciting thing in the world.  It wasn't a fancy video game system (not that I need one of those - I don't have time for one), nor was it a spiffy GPS (I didn't really need one of them either as I don't travel and an atlas is good enough for me), and it wasn't that new high tech gadget that I couldn't live without!  But you know what?  I use that iron skillet just about every other day of the year.  It's my…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to take a moment and wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that your list of things to be thankful for far outweighs any other list you might have.  Enjoy the company of family, friends, and food and let Thanksgiving be a celebration for all the joys you have been fortunate enough to have been given. Thank you for reading Growing The Home Garden and I hope your Thanksgiving Day is a fantastic one!

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Your Labor Day Weekend Garden To Do List!

Just what you want right?  Even more things to do in the garden.  I'm sure you have everything perfect.  Everything is mulched to 2 inches high.  Every weed is pulled and the gardens are in pristine condition!  Not our garden, not even close! An extra long weekend is ahead which (unless you've been deluged with rain from Isaac) will give all of us gardeners a good opportunity to get a few things ready for fall.  So what should we be doing in the garden to get ready for fall over this Labor Day weekend? Here's a to do list! A Labor Day Weekend Gardening To Do List Get those beds cleared up and ready!  Pull out the old fading plants, add mulch, and get those garden beds back into shape.  Ragweed and crabgrass are flowering now so get them pulled before they go to seed and you will have fewer…

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Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish you and your family a safe and very merry Christmas season! Photos: Nandina berries (top left), eastern red cedar under snow(middle left), blue garden shed (bottom left), happy little bluebird in snow (middle bottom), daffodil coming up in a March snow (bottom right), Our Snow covered house (top right). Coming up after Christmas: 2011 Project Review and 2012 Garden Project Lists!

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