Gardening, A First Step to Homesteading

Homesteading has seen a resurgence over the last several years which is very cool.  More people are opting to build a strong connection with the land and are moving toward mini-farms and homesteads to raise their families.  Before beginning a homestead future farmers should do one thing: learn to garden!  The garden is one major component of a successful homestead and is integral to the function of a complete homestead system.  The garden provides food for the table, food for the animals, it can be a highly valuable source of other materials, and it can even generate extra income. If I were to start a homestead the vegetable garden would be my first step. I'm not a homesteader, although I would love to be.  The whole self-sufficiency thing is a very appealing concept.  I'm a big fan of DIY projects and love learning how things work which is a trait that many…

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