Planting in Teak Wood Planters!

A while back Teak Closeouts sent me several samples to try out and see if I could use in the garden. They carry a really neat line of products that general come from overstock teak wood products and sell it at better prices.  They also have other products made from teak root which can be very interesting when used for gardening applications! I turned most of the products they sent me into planters for the garden. Teak is a very sturdy and rot resistant wood which is why it has a lot of uses in the garden. Putting these together gave me another great excuse to buy plants for the garden! One can never have enough rosemary, so I planted a rosemary into this little container. Rosemary is a great plant for the kitchen and we now have it conveniently on a table just outside the patio door. A large…

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Looking Back at Few Garden Photos

This time of year I spend some time looking back at old photos from the garden. It's fun to see how stuff looked back when it was growing, when leaves were on the trees, and at the most a cold wind only brought you down into the 80's on the old thermometer. So if you're like me and can't wait to see flowers, bees, butterflies, and vegetables rolling out of the garden take a deep breath and remember it will be here before you know it. For now though hang our here and take a peek at some photos from the past. These photos are all from July of 2009 and were taken in my garden. Hosta Blooms Orange Butterfly Weed Passion Flower Coreopsis and 'Purple Homestead' Verbena Corner Shade Garden How much are you missing those warm summer days?

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Touring a Hosta Garden

One of the great benefits to being a part of a garden club is being able to see other gardens. This past weekend the Spring Hill Garden Club took a tour of a very cool garden based all around everyone's favorite shade plant: Hostas! We visited Cornelia's garden who is the president of the Middle Tennessee Hosta Society. Her garden is amazing. It's full of hostas, hydrangeas, and another unique specimen from Japan: rhodea. Other plants are interspersed for variety but the almost 700 varieties of hosta take center stage in every garden. Some are in pots and others in the ground in smaller garden areas surrounded by walking paths. There is no grass to be found in the main garden and growing grass would be a challenge with the amount of shade Cornelia's garden possesses, but her love of hostas makes it a perfect landscape for the garden. The…

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