Exploring Outdoors in Winter

When winter comes I really feel it and maybe you do too. I feel the feeling of melancholy that accompanies being stuck indoors for long stretches of time. There is a name for that feeling, Seasonal Affected Disorder. I'm certainly not a doctor but I can recognize when "SAD" is hitting me and the best cure for me is to get outside on a bright and sunny day. Yesterday I dragged the kids outdoors and headed out to explore nature. They were cooped up playing video games with little physical activity. They needed the outdoor time too! We drove over to the new property and hiked into areas we've never explored before. We looked for signs of nature, followed deer trails, and ran around a bit. As this week has been the coldest we've had all year the kids were very hesitant, but once there they enjoyed it! Getting Outdoors…

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Time Spent on the Land

I've been spending a lot of time dreaming about what is to come for our family, our new house, and the gardens. It's easy to come up with ideas but always much more challenging to implement them. I've designed a potential house plan and I know how we would site it on the property. There is still a lot of planning that needs done before we can actually start building. I'm thankful for the opportunity to dream about what we could do there and each time I visit the land I feel a sense of peace, like this is exactly where we are supposed to be. Walking Trails I visited the land a few days ago to fix the driveway a little better. After that I walked the land. Just in the open spaces. One idea I have had is to install a walking trail around the property so I…

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New Land, New Gardens, and a New Home

It's not everyday I get to write about something this life changing! You may remember that a while back I made an offer for some land. That piece of land didn't work out and I was pretty disappointed. Sometimes life has better plans and we just don't realize it at the time. Recently we found another piece of land for sale. It's not as big as the first property, but in almost all other ways it's better, more usable and still in a great location! It's 7.26 acres and only 6 minutes from town. Our area of Tennessee is a hotbed of real estate activity and this property is an amazing find. We closed on the land on Thursday and now we know where our future home will be! The Plan for the Land Our plan for right now is to maintain the land and hopefully begin building in about…

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