Lovin’ My Lawn!

I have to admit I'm lovin' my lawn right now. This is our third spring in this home and the lawn is beginning to look very nice. It's not perfect, in fact far from it. Weeds can be found within a few feet of anywhere you look but the fescue is taking over. Areas that used to be clumps of weeds are now filled with new grass planted in the last two falls. I have to admit something else, I have only aerated one time, two years ago and I have never fertilized. Never. Now it's possible that I have received some runoff fertilizer from my neighbors lawns but I can safely attribute most of my turf's success to two important lawn techniques: Cutting the grass high and fall overseeding.Cutting the grass high is extremely important for fescue lawns like mine. When you cut the grass short it causes two…

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