‘Brandywine’ Maple (Acer rubrum) is Great for Fall Color

A few years ago I found a maple tree on sale at one of our local nurseries.  It was only five dollars so I bought it, planted it, and left it alone.  It was a 'Brandywine' maple tree which is a cross between an 'October Glory' and 'Autumn Flame'.  With parents that good it had to be something special! Almost as soon as I planted it the deer found it.  That's the way it goes around here.  Everything must be sampled by the deer.  Fortunately the following years it has been left alone to grow.  It's still a small tree but beginning to show off its brilliant fall color potential. 'Brandywine' only produces male flowers so you don't get a whole bunch of samaras (maple seeds) helicoptering through the garden and planting themselves in random garden beds.  Personally I wouldn't mind a few maple offspring to plant in a few…

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Some Maple Tree Fall Color

There are few trees that are more colorful in the fall than maples!  The Acer genus really has cornered the market on autumn brilliance.  That's not to say that there aren't other trees just as dazzling but its hard to actually beat maples for the color show this time of year.  The colors they show range from gold to red and every shade in between.  Here's a look at a few maples I took pictures of yesterday. This mature maple off in the distance really stands out long after the hackberries and other early leaf droppers have lost their leaves. This golden orange colored maple was along the back of my mom's property.   A closer look at it's leaves reveals more than just an orange color. This red maple was planted by my dad several years ago.  It's grown quite a bit over the last several years.  Dad planted…

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