Careening: The Tale of a Runaway Lawnmower

Well you just know it had to happen. Another gardening season and another lawnmower incident. At least this time it didn't involve flames! And I have to admit I am very thankful to have a nandina! How does a nandina fit in with the story? Let me recount the tale for you as I experienced it. It was a beautiful spring evening sandwiched in between a week of rain and a forecast of storms to come. It was the only opportunity to mow a lawn that was growing high enough to hide small children and animals. I set out after dinner with the small trim mower along with every neighbor within eyesight for neighborhood mowing day. (That is an unofficial holiday that occurs immediately after multiple days of rain and just before more rain) If you remember last year's incident involved my little trim mower. The high grass gave me…

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Thoughts While Pruning the Lawn

I was pruning the lawn on Tuesday night (aka mowing) and as usual I spent that time contemplating my yard and garden. It's a nice time to relax and observe places in your yard that you may not go to frequently for various reasons. Think about it, when you are riding around on your lawnmower you end up seeing almost every possible vantage point of your yard. You see the lawn for all its wonderful weeds and wildflowers (the two are sometimes synonymous). You see around your garden beds, whether they are they vegetable or flowering. You observe the work that needs done in those beds and have time to consider you massive to-do list. You tour around the trees and watch the birds flit about. If you don't need a riding mower you may even see more, that is if your not huffing and puffing due to the strenuous…

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Back in the Saddle Again (The First Spring Mowing)

I knew that inevitably the day would come. The day when I would climb back in the saddle and coast across our sea of green. I was looking forward to it. I was prepared, my steed was ready, and the weather was grand. Even though the sea of grass was unexpectedly choppy and the trip was rough our goal was accomplished.The first mowing of the season.Amazingly the push mower started on the first pull. I skimmed the edges of the house and garden beds with the push mower first, which made mowing with the riding mower much easier. By using the push mower in advance of the riding mower I can create a buffer zone to give me more room for mistakes. I don't want to run over anything important! It became apparent after starting that I may have waited too long for this initial mowing. The clumps of fescue…

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