Picking a Garden Fertilizer

To grow a healthy plant healthy growing conditions are important. Sometimes all a plant needs is watering at the appropriate times. Often, you have to give the plant more and that is where fertilizers can be useful. Fertilizers provide extra nutrients that may not be readily available in the soil. There are many types of fertilizers available for gardeners to choose and it is important to match the fertilizer with the type of plant you are growing. Every plant has different needs and to maximize the growing potential you need to customize the garden fertilizer you choose! What is NPK? NPK stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. These are the three main nutrients plants need but they are not the only ones necessary for good plant growth. Calcium, magnesium, and many other micronutrients also help plants to grow properly. A plant with a good balance of nutrition has good cell…

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John and Bob’s Organic Soil Amendments

Late this winter (or early this spring) I was contacted to try out some of John and Bob's Organic Soil Amendments.  They have a variety of different formulations that contain humus, beneficial minerals, and microbes that help the soil do what it does best - feed the plants!  They sent me several things to test and I fully intended to run a comparison evaluation of John and Bob's products by utilizing my vegetable garden beds as testing beds. I was going to have a bed with the amendments and one without then compare the same variety of tomatoes.  Unfortunately life hasn't been too kind to us this year and many of my best intentions have fallen woefully short of my expectations. But I did end up spreading the amendments on most of my garden beds and can pass on a few observations. My first observation was that blossom end rot…

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