An Alien World of Moss and Fungus

Sometimes when you look really close at things they appear much different than you expect. Sometimes closeup pictures appear almost...alien. Like a strange land that contains unique flora of its own. What do you think? Can you imagine the foreign fluffy ferns and gigantic puffy cup-shaped mushroom fungi? Can you disappear for a moment into the picture and immerse yourself in some quasi-alien landscape. Or do you just see Cyathus striatus and Hypnum cupressiforme?

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Random Indoor Plant Pictures

I have always been lax on the indoor gardening scene. It's not that I don't have plants inside but more that I prefer the outdoor landscapes and gardens. You can do a lot with plants in pots both indoors and out. the first picture is one that I'm sure many people are seeing bloom right now, the Christmas Cactus. Our plant is small since the plants indoors tend to be more neglected my me than the ones outside and I haven't gotten around to repotting it. The other indoor plant picture in this post is an avocado tree. We love avocados around our house and I have tried multiple times to grow them from seed and failed. They usually rotted too fast due to over watering or completely dried out due to my indoor house plant neglect syndrome. The last time I covered with a plastic bag and kept the…

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Under the Cover of a December Frost

One cold December morning a frost covered the land. It was still as everything and everyone was awaiting the sun to add warmth for the day. Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebra Grass' Rain Garden Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Birdbath Garden 'Powis Castle' Artemisia, 'Black and Blue' Salvia guaranitica, Viburnum, and the remains of many others. Birdbath Garden Frozen Birdbath Birdbath Garden Clover The Lawn Garden Butterfly Bush - Buddleia Birdbath Garden Butterfly Bush - Buddleia Birdbath Garden

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