Plant Propagation Guide

Here is a little guide on various plants that you can propagate in your home garden. I've included the types of propagation where I've been successful (seeds, Layering, Division, Cuttings, etc.).  If I can do it so can you! Propagating Perennials Common NameBotanical NameMethods of Propagation Artemisia 'Powis Castle'Cuttings, Layering MilkweedAsclepias incarnataCuttings, Seeds CatmintNepetaCuttings,…

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Husker’s Red Penstemon in the Garden

One of the neatest perennials in our garden is 'Husker's Red' penstemon (Penstemon digitalis).  'Husker's Red' has reddish foliage that adds color to the garden during the growing season but it also blooms prolifically for several weeks in the spring.  Ours are just now starting to fade so I thought I would take a…

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A Variegated Caryopteris Cutting

Yesterday day I mentioned how quickly and easily my Snow Fairy caryopteris (Caryopteris divaricata) rooted. Today I went out and potted my little cutting up into a small 4" pot for it to grow a stronger root system before I plant it in the yard. I took a picture to show you about what…

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How to Propagate Montauk Daisy

Last fall I bought a 'Montauk' daisy (Nipponanthemum nipponicum) from the discount rack. The daisy looked extremely green for the time of year but I thought the plant had potential. The stems were young, almost like the plant hadn't been out of the greenhouse for very long. Because of that fact I thought why…

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Making More Salvias!

Even though the fall is upon us I'm still propagating my perennials. It's an addiction. One of my favorite genus of perennials is salvia. Trust me, you can never have too much salvia! The advantage I have this year is a usable frost free place to house them over the winter - (insert trumpet…

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Here’s What Rooted Today

Rooted Cuttings - Potted up Perhaps I should have titled this post "Here's What I Potted Up Today" but rooting is more exciting don't you think? Anyway this morning I potted several different kinds of cuttings that I've been propagating inside the house. This isn't the end of the propagation process since they still…

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