Planting Potatoes

Potatoes are one easy vegetable that everyone should try.  There are a quite a few kind of potatoes that are delicious on the dinner plant that have developed over the years.  In our garden this year we're growing Yukon Gold, red potatoes, and Adirondack Blue potatoes.  The blue potatoes are new to our garden this year.  Yukon Gold is one of our favorites and has a nice buttery flavor good for baking or general cooking needs.  The red potatoes are great for potato salads or roasting.  I'm not sure yet what the blue potatoes are going to be good for yet, but any potato is a good potato! There are a few ways to grow potatoes.  They do well in large pots, potato bags, raised beds, and in the ground.  The method you choose all depends on how you want your garden to grow. Here's how I usually plant our…

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Raised Bed Vegetable Garden with Stone Borders

It's taken me all summer to get to it but I'm finally taking the first steps toward changing the vegetable garden to the parterre layout. I had some of the blocks sitting around for months now and others I borrowed from our patio sidewalk expansion which I just haven't had time to get to this summer.  Using the stone for the border is more expensive than wood but will last much longer.   For a comparison take the $2.50 cost per foot of these stone blocks and compare it with a piece of lumber somewhere around $5-6 for a 10 foot piece.  That comes to about $0.50-$0.60 per foot which makes the stone about 5 times more expensive.  The big advantage is that it won't ever rot and it looks pretty good! So far I only have one small portion of the raised bed vegetable garden put together.  Even it…

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Small Potatoes – YUM!

I had a very productive weekend! It's been a while since I spent so much time outdoors and despite the heat, the sun, the sweat, and big case of farmer's tan a bunch of chores were accomplished. One surprise though was my potatoes. The potato bed was overrun with Bermuda grass as I mentioned the other day but even before that my potatoes had seemingly succumbed to a blight. A month ago I had given my potatoes up for lost. Lost they were, until I pulled Bermuda rhizome after rhizome out of the bed and amazingly potatoes began popping up! It wasn't a great harvest by any means but it did brighten my spirits a bit. The potatoes were small things mostly, definitely not fit for baking in most cases, so I had to come up with a way to use them. Often people boil potatoes this small and serve…

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