Troy-Bilt CORE Review – String and Hedge Trimmers

Over the years I've had the pleasure to test out products from Troy-Bilt. Overall I've been very impressed with the quality and the power that they have produced for lawn equipment. Five years later years I still zip around and mow my 1.5 acre yard with the RZT (0 Turn Mower) and have really enjoyed that fact that I never have to mix gas with my current Troy-Bilt weed eater. Soon I'll be going to the vegetable garden to turn it under (or around) with the vertical axis tiller very soon for the fall. All of those products have been great! A few weeks ago they asked me to test something new: The Troy-Bilt CORE line of lawn and garden products. I've always been a bit skeptical about electric/battery powered tools since the gasoline versions always seem to have more power, however that opinion was before I tested the string…

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Troy-Bilt Bronco Axis VTT Vertical Tine Tiller Review

Recently I had the pleasure to try out the new Troy-Bilt Bronco VTT Vertical Tine Tiller which they sent me to test and use in my garden. I've used tillers periodically before in my garden and I was very curious to see how this one functioned. It's design is significantly different from traditional tillers. The tines extend down like a cake mixer and spin. It's a very interesting idea but the question is: does the vertical tine tiller work better than a normal tiller? I tested it in the backyard in a spot that was overgrown with grass and weeds. I like using tillers to start new garden areas because they break through the sod much easier than having to dig through the roots of the grass. I've used other methods before like Lasagna Gardening and Raised beds, both of which I like a lot and recommend, but tillers can…

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Greenworks Pro 80V 18 Inch Chainsaw Review

When you think about power tools do you think electric? Maybe it's time you should! Recently Greenworks sent me their battery powered Greeworks Pro 80Volt 18" Chainsaw to test. I had some doubts. Could a battery powered chainsaw actually cut through well enough to be a part of my arsenal of power tools? Would a charge last long enough to get through all the jobs I would need to attack in one day? Would the chainsaw be able to be recharged fast enough to get back to work when it did run out of energy? Those were the questions in my head and probably the questions anyone wanting to purchase a new powertool would ask. Before I tell you what I found out let's look at some of the advantages of a battery powered chainsaw. First, there is no gas needed. That saves from visiting the gas station and having…

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