A Gardener’s Garage Remodel

This month's Creative Ideas Project with Lowe's and Growing The Home Garden is all about organization!  By using a $100 gift card donated by Lowe's I've redone a part of my garage to make it more useful for our whole family - not just the gardener!  I think the main problem people have with…

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2012 Garden Project List!

Every year I put out a list of my intended gardening projects that I personally want to accomplish this year.  Then back at the end of the year I review them to see how I've done.  This year is a little tricky.  I have quite a few projects leftover from last year that I…

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11 Garden Projects for 2011

Each year I've posted about the projects I hope to accomplish in the New Year. They aren't resolutions, just goals or ideas. I may not even get half of the projects accomplished but I find that if I get some ideas before the garden season starts in earnest I can be pretty motivated to…

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The Backyard Remodel Tour Part 1

You may have noticed that the daily blogging has slowed down a little bit on weekends. It's been for a very good reason: The Patio Project. My commenting on other blogs has suffered as well but everything should pick up once the final touches have been made on the backyard remodel. It's become more…

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A Step to Bridge the Gap

The first major task I tackled this week with our patio project was this step landing. It was a problem that had to be fixed. When we had our home inspected before we purchased it the inspector noticed that the deck needed one more step to fit codes. That wasn't the only problem here,…

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