Portable Planter Box Project

Recently I put together a little project from some wood I had stored in the garage. It was an idea I had to help me with a presentation I'll be giving at a local garden show. Essentially I needed a way to demonstrate how a few plants could be planted in combination with each other. I didn't have access to a projector for the demonstration so I couldn't do a slide show. What I decided to do is to put together a portable planter box that I could stock with a few plants to bring along. It couldn't be big or it would be a problem to move around. Here's what I did to make this 24"x12.25" portable planter box! How to make a Portable Planter Box For materials: 2 6' cedar fence boards short deck screws. soil mix newspaper plants (of course!) Equipment Drill Electric Screw driver (Ryobi impact…

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Using Brackets for DIY Corners on Raised Beds

Bracket Holding the Corner of a Raised Bed - From my Dad's Garden Usually I screw deck screws through each of the boards to attach the corners of my raised beds but using brackets to hold them together does work better. With the screw in method I find after a while that the corners begin to rot, the screws begin to loosen, and the corner doesn't hold together. By using cheap and simple brackets available at any hardware store you can add a little longevity to those raised beds in the vegetable garden and keep the raised bed corners intact longer.  The corner brackets use multiple screws which help hold the wood together much better when pieces of the wood begin to rot. While the hardware stores sell all kinds of brackets that are meant for construction they can easily be used to make your raised beds! Look here for…

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